with OVER 22 years experience,
i bring a personal and effective approach
to every project i work on, and value the
rapport i have with my clients,
which is why they keep coming back.

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"Chris's work is fast, on time and on brief. I would certainly
his services"

Dan Marsden, Design Manager, Paladone

My Work

i am passionate about
the work i create.
please feel free to browse
some of my work below.

Self Illustration

This is a little illustration I created of
yours truly!

A5 Magazines

I worked on 4 well known magazines.

Café Menu

This is an menu I created for a
very popular farm shop and café
based in Harrogate.

Show Flyer

An A3 poster I created
and illustrated for the
Countryside Live Show.

Aglow Pilgrimages Brochure

Brochure I designed for a
pilgrimage tour company.

London Fashion Studio

Video to advertise
a London fashion studio.


Character Graphics

This is a graphic I designed for
a Eurovision Song Contest
Website Podcast.

CD Cover

I was commissioned to design
a CD cover for Leeds based band
'Hail Animator'.

Live Artist Flyer

I was asked to create a
promotional flyer for an Argentine
based music production and
DJ duo for a live gig.

Magazine Design

I have worked on various local
magazines, concentrating on the
design and layout of these.

Gadget Packaging

Produced the packaging for a
gadget/toy sold in a leading
UK gadget shop.

Business Cards

After the successful completion
of the company's website, I was
asked to create the Company's
Business Cards.

Van Advert

A convenience store wanted
an advert to go on the side
of a van to advertise the fact
they sell pizza.

Landscaping Website

Design and build of a local
companies landscaping website.


Cosmetics Website

Design and build of a London
based cosmetics company website.


Great Yorkshire Show 2015 Theme

I have designed the theme for the
2015 Great Yorkshire Show.

Business Cards

These are my personal Business Cards.
I wanted to show off my creativity
with these eye-catching cards.

Pizza Menu

I created a food menu
which is for an up and coming pizza
chain, that have outlets nationally.

Educational Flyer

Educational flyer aimed at helping
school children decide on their next
career move.

Magazine Advert

This is a magazine advert I
created for a well known salon.

Event Logo

I designed a logo
for a mums and kids event
held locally.

Engineering Website

Design and build of an
engineering website.


Gadget Packaging

Packaging I designed for a
gadget, which can be found in various retail stores.


Video to advertise
Blackberry - the telecommunications company.


Caravan Park Website

Design and build of a Harrogate
based caravan park


Aglow Pilgrimages Flyer

Flyer I designed for a
pilgrimage tour company.

Beautician Poster

I designed an A2 poster to promote
an event being held at the salon.

Wedding Invite

This is a wedding invite I created
for a colleague I used to work
with. Needless to say, I got an invite
to the big day!

Logo Examples

These are a selection of logos
I have created for various
company's or items.

Educational Leaflet

I designed a 3 fold leaflet
for an educational event.

Urban Café Poster

This is a poster I created
to advertise a unique food
event this London based café
was holding throughout
the summer months.

Delicatessen Menu

This is a little menu I designed
that sits on the deli counter of a café,
to promote and display the
various sandwiches on offer.

Book Cover Design.

Toy Packaging

Illustrated the toy packaging
and counter display unit for a
Hong Kong based toy manufacturer.

Juice Labels

I was asked by an up and coming juice brand
to create some labels for their
unique juice bottles.

Black Friday Poster

This is a poster I created
for a Black Friday event,
offering a discount on
various cosmetic procedures

Food Website

Design and build of a local
companies food producing website.


Cosmetic Poster

I designed a cosmetics poster
for a London based cosmetics company.

Childrens Activity Poster

This is a poster I created
to advertise a Lego based
activity to be held
through the school holidays.

Food Packaging

Ready meal packaging idea
for Fodder Café.

Business Cards

Business Cards
produced for a Yorkshire based,
cake producer.

Coffee Labels

Coffee labels
for a Yorkshire based coffee,
fine wine and food purveyors.


Quiz Game Packaging

I was commissioned to create some
fun packaging for a quiz game which can be found
on supermarket shelves.

Promotional Poster

This is a promotional A3 poster
advertising 'Springtime Live', a
show held in Harrogate annually.

Toy Packaging

Toy packaging I created for sale
in well known record stores.

Notion Logo Idea

This is a logo concept
I came up with
for a Lancashire based company.

Pizza Offer Flyer

Flyer I designed to promote
a pizza companies latest offer.

"Chris is Fast, Reliable and professional"

Julian Sanza, DJ & Producer (Heartbeat Revolutions/Silver City)


I have a diverse
blend of talent that allows
me to offer a wide
range of services.

I have worked in the Graphic Design industry for over 20 years ( I still find that hard to believe! ) and in that time have had the pleasure to work on some very exciting projects for some fantastic clients.

I started out when everything was done by cutting, splicing and sticking. Using Letraset for type, and Magic Markers for renderings - then came Adobe! Thank you Adobe!

My approach has always been to create the best design I can, for the most reasonable price possible.
I am aware of the extortionate prices Design Agencies can charge, and so pride myself in offering a very professional service for a fraction of the cost of an agency.

Whatever your project, I will work closely with you to ensure your expectations are met and exceeded.
I like to keep in contact with my clients after the work is finished, and be on hand to ensure any changes are catered for and that my work is still working for them.

I specialise in
Poster, Leaflet & Flyer Design, Logos, Corporate Identity, Stationery, Magazines, Brochures, Catalogues, Tickets, Newsletters, Packaging, Large Format Graphics, Vehicle Wraps, Menus, Book Covers, Advertising (online, printed and TV), CD Covers, Record Sleeves, Illustration, Website Design & Development, Photography and Search Engine Optimisation.

I can now offer Video Production, which includes Video Content, Motion Graphics and Animation.


I've been very fortunate to work on a great number of fantastic projects, for both small and large organisations, but the project that really stands out for me was when I designed the necktie for the 1999 Treble winning Manchester United team. My design was all over the media for weeks to come, and it was very humbling to see my design worn by the players, manager and officials.

I have also created designs for the England Rugby and Cricket teams, as well as domestic football clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Celtic and Rangers to name a few.

I have done work for various high street brands, international music producers and DJ's, local businesses and national toy stores.

If you think we could work together on your next project, please give me a cal
l or email me and I'd be delighted to discuss this with you.

Here, take a look at my CV!


Having worked with Chris on a number of projects,
I can
highly recommend his services.
He has
always delivered a quality product.
Martin Hardisty, Managing Director, NR Engineering


i like all things design,
but i also have other
interests and passions...

As well as Design, my other major interest is House Music. I love to buy as much music as I can and enjoy making mixes.

Click below if you'd like to have a listen to any of my mixes! They're good. Really, they are! Simply click on the name of the mix!


As well as mixing music, I can play a few instruments - not to the highest of standards admittedly, but I can knock out a tune. I can play the Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums, and I suppose we could add the Tambourine and Triangle to that list!

Other interests are sport, including Football, Golf, Squash, Tennis and Badminton and I am a fan of Bradford City, so i'm quite often to be found in a grumpy mood at 5pm on Saturday afternoon.

I also enjoy walking, travel, eating out, socialising, and spending time with my beautiful family. Oh, and sleeping!...



If you'd like to indulge yourself in a few of my house/disco mixes, please visit my Soundcloud page.

Anyway, that's enough of that! - Back to

A selection of my photography will appear here, when I have something fantastic to show!

So why should you hire me?

With plenty of competition out there, why should you choose me to work with you on your projects?

I have plenty of commercial experience
With two decades of commercial experience, working with a range of clients, both large and small, world renowned and not so well known, and with a full compliment of the latest industry standard software, I have the knowledge and the tools to do the job to the best of my ability.
I have bags of creative flair and am full of ideas
I am a very artistic person and am always keeping on top of the latest design trends. I have a lot of ideas, which coupled with my creative flair, will ensure together, we develop a solution to your projects creative requirements.
I value client interaction
I value the interaction I have with my clients, and will work with closely with you from start to finish and after the project is long completed, to ensure you are completely satisfied.
I am reasonably priced
I don't have the overheads that design agencies and design companies have, which allows me to be very competetive with my prices. I am also very keen to work on your projects, so I am happy to charge less to win the work.
I'm just an all-round nice guy!
Even if I do say so myself! I am very easy to work with, and have a great sense of humour, which makes working with me an easy, hassle-free experience.

"Chris ALWAYS delivers quality work"

Thomas Moore, Thomas Moore Landscapes & Stonemasonry


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